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January 10, 2005
I use a startup .bat file to launch MediaPortal.
My script follows below.

It starts MP at *BELOWNORMAL* priority. I've found this gives improved perceived performance - fewer interuptions to video - I presume because services are less starved. YMMV.

I use a cool utility nircmd to adjust window position and size. Using this it is possible to run in a window but still fill the screen - for TV output with full control over overscan.

If you use a remote then the cursor is redundant but sometimes appears and is a distraction. Use nircmd to move the cursor out of the way.



REM Start MP (don't starve services)
CD "C:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal"

CD "C:\"

REM Wait for MP to get going (20 seconds)
nircmd.exe wait 20000

REM Remove windows border (thin border)
nircmd.exe win -style ititle "MediaPortal" 0x00C00000

REM Resize for overscan adjustment
REM 960 x 540
REM nircmd.exe win setsize ititle "MediaPortal" 28 -20 910 560
REM 1024 x 576
nircmd.exe win setsize ititle "MediaPortal" 26 -16 968 570

REM Hide cursor
nircmd.exe setcursor 0 576

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