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Mike Page

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April 9, 2013
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Hi Guys,

I've been running 1.3 (with StreamedMP) for a few months, and had it pretty well sorted. Upgraded to 1.4 Final today (and upgraded SMP as well).

It looks ok at start up and retained my settings etc. I can navigate between screens ok. But as soon I run a full screen video I lose control completely. The videos run, but all of the basic controls (pause, skip, stop, play etc) stop responding altogether. I can get to the controls at the top of screen, but they don't respond either. Video keeps running, but the only way I can stop it is to end task using Windows task manager.

Very frustrating after a nice experience with 1.3. I switched back to Titan to see if it was somehow SMP related, but same issue.

Logs and system spec attached - any assistance greatly appreciated. I can do a complete uninstall/reinstall if absolutely necessary, but that's very much a last resort.




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    You should disable all 3rd party plugins when troubleshooting

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