Corrupted recordings. Restarting PC resolves the problem


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  • May 1, 2010

    If a nearby electric device such as sewing machine or power drill corrupts the DVB-T reception, sometimes the corruption keeps on corrupting the recordings hours after the electric device has stopped being used.

    It can also happen when Comskip consumes excessive CPU and IO resources, but I changed the play_nice settings and this hasn't happened for a while. Today a power drill corrupted the recordings, not comskip.

    The corruption can be really bad, causing excessive blocking and flooded grey frames, or a complete halt of the video. This continues on and on until I restart the PC. After the restart I get a perfect picture.

    I'm no AV expert but it seems the TS writer or demultiplexer's timing/video position goes haywire.

    Note that I do not use the Media Portal front end, I just use the TV Server to record the TS files.

    Tuner: Hauppauge Nova TD USB stick (Dual tuner mode)
    OS: Win8.1 Pro 64bit
    Plugins: Comskip, TV Wish List
    PC: Intel HD 4000, Core i5 Ivy Bridge notebook, 8GB RAM
    MP: 1.6.0 Final, Standalone PC, no clients
    Storage: Samsung SSD 750GB
    Codecs: Default in MP 1.6

    Logs are attached. It happened around 7-8pm 9th Feb, and the day before. (Winter Olympics on ch10 were the corrupted recordings)
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    Hello K24A3

    My first question would be are you certain the whole recording is corrupted?

    Signal quality glitches can throw codecs and tuners as much or more than TsReader or TsWriter. Oftentimes I find that when using certain codecs (especially with hardware accelerated video decoding enabled) I have to skip back 5 seconds after a glitch to clear/reset buffers and get the corruption out of the pipeline. Otherwise yes: playback can be [unnecessarily] disrupted (halted or jerky video etc. etc. etc.) for an extended period of time.

    Sometimes severe glitches seem to cause problems for the tuner. It seems like the tuner loses lock or auto-tracks off the centre frequency. To correct, I have to tune another channel on a different frequency and then retune the channel I was watching previously.

    I'm not sure what MediaPortal can really do to automatically detect or correct either of the situations above. Also, in no case do I require a PC restart to sort things out.



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  • May 1, 2010
    The whole file seems corrupted. The first 5 minutes of the video is fine, if I jump ahead anywhere in the video it shows corruption. This is on another PC using a DirectShow video player and FFDShow.

    I restart the PC since it is quick and easy (Win8 on an SSD boots very fast), but I'll try restarting the MP Server instead. If that doesn't work I'll disable+enable the tuner in device manager. But the problem is the corruption doesn't happen very often so I was hoping someone would spot the problem in the log files.

    I'll try a different demultiplexer as well, assuming there is an option to change it in MP.
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