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    Hi There,

    first of all: Thanks a lot for reading this after years of silence and no new CouchPotato updates!
    I was rewriting CouchPotato (multiple times) in the little free time I had in those last years and I think I should publish that new version 2.0 as a beta now.

    It still lacks in a lot of ways (mp-extended integration not ready, no iPad layout, ...) and there will be bugs. But it should already be a huge improvement to the current version. Also I want to get your feedback if I am on the right track and what features I should prioritize.

    You can find a Google form at the following URL where you can "apply" to be a beta tester. I also ask for some information about you and your CouchPotato usage - filling that out is optional but will help me to better understand what CouchPotato should be.

    Please note that I still need some weeks to start the beta. But I think I am almost ready.

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