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  • June 13, 2005
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    Just out of curiosity and having taking some previous readings a thought crossed my mind regarding what kind of CPU demands individuals are getting running MP.

    Background progs running.

    AVG antivirus
    Roxio Drag to disc
    MS Antispyware
    Nvidia driver software
    Flyview Remote Driver
    HP Deskjet
    Norton Ghost
    Freeram XP Pro
    Say the time 6

    Running MP Fullscreen using Nvidia Purevideo both in TV and DVD getting between 16 - 30 % CPU usage using Windows Task Manager as a measurement, this is whilst MP Fullscreen. if not in focus it shows 45 - 50 % usage !!!
    Any comparisons i'd love too know.

    Curiosity Killed the Cat, but i bet he died happy.

    :lol: :lol:


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  • July 25, 2005
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    Im guessing with all those running processes in the background your MediaPortal box isn't a dedicated box? For example, my PVR doesnt need access to a printer. hehe :lol:

    I have a dedicated HTPC box and it's stripped down so light that when windows boots it only uses about 85mb of physical memory. I even downclocked my XP2500+ to 2100+ so that I could run a lower voltage and therefore run slower fans inside.

    that being said, I get similar results as you when in fullscreen TV (timeshifting enabled) with Nvidia Purevideo codec and a PVR150 - about 20 - 30% CPU usage last time i checked


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    January 16, 2006
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    Similar on an XP2000+ (dedicated HTPC), Ive only got McAffee Virusscan, VNC, MBM and the ultraview remotecontrol agent running in the background.

    About 10-15% idle, 30-40% during SD liveTV with Timeshifting enabled, and anything between 60-85% when watching HD. Using Nvidia PureVideo Codecs.

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