Crash loading Skin - improper Fonts & Graphics Rendering (1 Viewer)


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    Fonts are handled as textures in MediaPortal.


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    I was just thinking about this, would it make any sense to increase the aperture size (for AGP, called differently with PCI-e) to avoid this kinda problem?

    of course this is not an ideal solution (and only possible on occasion) but I truly think this should help with the running out of videomemory. And if it does it might deserve some kind of sticky thread.

    to be clear I do not have this problem myself, both my pc's run a 512MB graphics card. I can't test this, Hyper memory or turbo cache (the nvidia one, I believe) is not even supported by these 2 cards.


    Can I assume that by removing fonts not in use from fonts.xml I can reduce the total memory usage?
    It seem to lower the cache size.


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  • November 26, 2006
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    We got rid of that "limitation" in MP2. :D
    YAHOO! I can hardly wait! Now you're just torturing me!:p

    just out of curiosity, could you please try ::this:: ?
    I'm way ahead of you Chris, I already saw that post and tried it. And with it, the skin hasn't crashed yet, but font48 did render improperly once - white lines instead of the large header same as in the screenshot in my first post. I haven't been able to duplicate it since!

    It's hard for me to test properly though atm. We already reduced the graphics using pnggauntlet and removed any unused fonts and it hasn't crashed since (that's only a couple of days though). However, I would say that Swedes fix does help. I am working on a version with even larger fonts (don't laugh) and his fix enables me to load it without crashing. But I need to do a lot more testing before making a definitive statement.

    I thought I could reinstall our earlier version of Blue3++ where the problem almost always occurred and try Swede's fix on that. It should give more accurate results since it will be a comparison of the same setup where I originally had the problem.

    I must confess I am intrigued by it all. It's kinda like peeking under MP's skirts :D So I'll get back to you on what I find.

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