Crash on RTL Gemist


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    April 8, 2008

    Hi, I have a problem with only certain shows on RTL gemist. Example: Thursday April 30th, Buch in de Bajes. Stream starts buffering, pauses at 0,07%, and then buffers on but at 0,21% (a second later), I get a windows notification that Mediaportal has crashed. I have experienced exactly the same behaviour on another stream a few days ago. I then checked all the logs, and couldn't find any anomaly. Other shows do work. I have tried to go straight to play without buffering by pressing the play button, but that won't stop Mediaportal from crashing.

    On the show "Help mijn man is klusser" I get an enormous audio shift about 10 minutes in. Could be the stream though, as skipping to that position gives the shift immediately, so it is not something that gradually builds.

    I am on the latest versions of RTL Gemist, MP, OV, LAV and the splitter. Haven't experienced these symptoms on any other streams outside RTL.