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March 24, 2013
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I've been getting some crashes recently that I believe are caused by MP, due to all hardware testing out fine. It happens commonly when recording two shows at once or when playing back a recorded show. Whenever this occurs the screen goes black and the audio starts popping intermittently (no audio or video coming through), and I have to hard shut down my computer and restart. I've attached the logs after a restart when it happened, couldn't get it to reproduce in debug mode.

Tuner is an HDHomerun and computer was built about a month ago.

Steps to Reproduce:
Start MP, record two shows at once and eventually it'll crash and I'll have to hard reboot


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    As MediaPortal runs only on user level it is not able to cause BSOD or freeze the PC completely.

    As the audio gets looping it is pointing to a really low level issue - my guess would be the tuner drivers as psisdecd.dll is listed in the event log side.


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    It is really strange to have a crash while recording.
    You're saying only the TV service or MP is crashing, right? Not a BSOD?
    There are some older references to psisdecd.dll in the logs... but the HDHomeRun drivers are usually pretty robust.
    I wonder if something is overheating.
    Did you check your HDDs?

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