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October 26, 2005
Sweden Sweden

i have a problem with my wintv PVR-150 Hauppauge card and MP
most of the times you start MyTV you get a cut in the picture on the left and right sides... to solve the problem you have to stop/start the tv-module several times



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August 3, 2005
Germany Germany
Hi ZeroX,

I also have the PVR150.

What effect do you have? I don't understand your description ... u have a screenshot maybe?

How do you display the picture: CRT-TV, Flat-TV oder Computer Monitor?



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October 26, 2005
Sweden Sweden
Not home right now, but i try to do my best to futher explain the problem and upload a screenshot as soon as i get home.

basicly instead of displayed the entire 4:3 picture it "inserts" balck parts on the two sides and there it cuts the tv-station logo and subtitles, that the way it's notiable other no one would think twice about it.

the monitor i'm using is a flatscreen TV althou I use RGB in so it works as a standard monitor..

THANK YOU for any help with this problem...

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