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November 5, 2013
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Hi All,

Not sure whether this should be posted in the support or development request section of the forums, but it feels like there should be a simple solution to my issue which I'm hoping someone can help with.

I'm using the Titan skin and have imported all of my music and scraped a ton of artist fanart from the net as well as manually adding a lot of artist fanart manually. However, there are quite a lot of (obscure) artists for which I can't get fanart so at the moment they are all displaying the default.jpg file located in:

C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\thumbs\Skin FanArt\UserDef\music

This all works fine except for it means the default image is shown fairly frequently when I'm playing music. I've tried adding several other files to this folder called default (2).jpg, default (3).jpg and default (4).jpg in the hope that they might cycle through some generic, attractive images that give a bit of variation to the backgrounds, but doesn't seem to work and the same default.jpg image is shown every time.

Does anyone know of a way to cycle the default images?


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November 5, 2013
England England
Anyone able to help with this? I've read the user guide for the Fanart Handler:

And there's an option available in the screenshots to use a folder of images when no fanart is available - I don't have this option on my fanart config though (screenshot attached).

Has this option moved elsewhere? If not, is there a default folder I should be placing images in?

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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