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Discussion in 'Other HTPC Applications' started by Ronald Robertson, February 28, 2018.

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    Thanks for all the feedback - much appreciated. After quite a bit of independent research I've learned that the Silent Stream bug is apparently a Windows issue so maybe W10 was the fix for Joecrow; not sure. As far as turning off the effects, the real issue is that I have a lot of custom automation running my theater and much of it verbally speaks things its doing such as "turning on projector" and so on since if you have no picture, you would't know if the remote key press was actually acknowledged... The fact that the first second or so of all those annunciations getting cut off is really why I want to fix the problem more than just the clicks.

    I have in the mean time also installed a new sound card and connected over digital co-ax and of course the problem goes away but digital co-ax (or toslink) do not support multi-channel uncompressed native HD audio so I'm back to HDMI again.

    Among this research, I have also found a host of other s/w solutions that keep the audio channel alive and I'm going to try those this weekend. I can post the results if anyone is interested.

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    Just wanted to clarify this, or perhaps muddy the waters further, but I cannot be sure if I ever ran my AVR with Win 7. Before I bought the AVR I had the HTPCs audio line out connected to an old stereo amp and I got the AVR in Nov. 2015. The Win 7-10 free upgrade was available from the Summer of 2015 and I know I did not switch the HTPC to Win 10 straight away but I am really not sure when.:unsure:
    The bottom line is that the Silent Stream bug I experienced. may have been fixed with the Win 7-10 upgrade or perhaps a subsequent Win 10 update (I'm currently on 1803) or some other update , sorry I really can't be sure.

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