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April 14, 2008
Setup recordings on CH 7 HD and Ch 9 HD using TV guide, on Office Computer.

Shows correctly in TV Guide, Active Recordings, and Scheduled Recordings.

Went into Scheduled Recordings and deleted recordings. Still shows Red Recording Dot top left of screen, and recordings as Active Recordings.

No longer shown as recordings, in TV Guide, except for Red Dot.

To get rid of Red Dot activate Record Now on My TV screen and then activate Stop Record, which also clears Active Recordings screen. The first screen print from TV Guide was taken after the event, because I did not originally take it.


Was able to repeat the above scenario repeatedly, just tried again and worked correctly. When not working correctly, the Scheduled Recordings screen only displays the Delete Recording option.

Office Computer, a Coolermaster 690 chassis using;

Windows XP with Service Pack 3

Asus M3A78-EH AM2+ AMD780G HT5200

AMD Athlon™ 64 6000+AM2 Processor Retail Dual Core AM2

DDR2 2048MB(2x1G)PC6400 800Mhz Blue Heatspreader 4-4-4-12 G.Skill

Asus GF9500 512M Magic PCIE2.0 DVI-I HDCP HDMI

Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio Retail

X-Sonic SIL3124 32 Bit SATA2 Raid PCI Card (2xeSATA/2xSATA)

Dvico FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual Digital 4, green pcb card and MediaPortal RC2, SVN 10-02-2008, 19-45-Rev20372.

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