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September 1, 2009
This is puzzling me, and I can't see anything similar in the forums.

I have 1.3 Beta installed, which I upgraded to from 1.2.3. It says 1.3.0 beta on the splash screen when starting MediaPortal, and also if I run the 1.3 Beta installer I only see the "Fresh Install" option, upgrade is greyed out. Both of these suggest to me that I'm running 1.3 Beta.

However when I try to install aMPed 3.5.0 beta or Mustayaluca Mod-v0.5.0.0 I get a "Dependency Error" message saying "Skin is not compatible with current MediaPortal version. When I ok this box I get "Dependency check error! Install aborted! Would you like to view more details?" when I click Yes I get the Dependencies window, which shows entries in green on the Plugins tab, and a single row in red on the General tab (image attached).

At the bottom of this window it says the current version is MediaPortal 1.3.0 Alpha.

I'm guessing a version number setting somewhere has been missed during the 1.3 Beta upgrade, and somewhere it "thinks" its is MP 1.3 Alpha so is blocking the install of the 1.3 Beta compatible skins.

I guess the question is, is there a fix? I'm trying to avoid the hassle of a clean install until the RC is released but want to have more skin options in the meantime.


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    Don't know what is wrong, however I previously did a fresh install overthetop of my existing 1.3 beta install, and it kept all my settings. So this might be an option, you could always back up the directories prior to doing this too.


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    All is correct, the skin version of MP 1.3 Beta is as it states on the bottom, but the installer package of your skin says it only supports a maximum of - that is why it is red and won't install.
    The only slightly misleading label is CurrentVersion: MediaPortal 1.3 Alpha ...

    Reason behind that: The MediaPortal API Version has not changed between 1.3 Alpha and Beta. It is not showing you your actual MP Version, but the earliest Version with the same API level.

    You have to ask the creators of the plugin to issue a new installer with updated skin files and reference set to


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    September 1, 2009
    Thanks for the responses - just seemed odd to me that it hadn't been reported elsewhere, will look in more detail on the forums for the skins themselves.

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