1.17.0 Dialog menus not displayed on external display using Minidisplay (1 Viewer)


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December 10, 2008
MediaPortal Version: 1.17.0

I have noticed that my external display doesn't display any info when I navigate any dialog menu.
I think that problem is related to skin because when I use Titan skin both lines are empty, but when
I switch to DefaultWideHD skin first line is displayed (first line display "Actions" text).
As I remember long time ago both lines were active - first line showed "Actions" text and second was name
of selected action. I'm using 1.15 version right now but when I have installed 1.18 Pre problem remained.
Off course any other info displays fine on external display when using Minidisplay plugin.

Steps to Reproduce:
Activate Minidisplay plugin, run Mediaportal, go to any dialog menu for example: Shutdown options or context menu for selected share. When using
Titan skin no text is visible on external display. When using DefaultWideHD skin only first line is displayed.


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December 10, 2008
Unfortunately, this new settings doesn't help too much...
Yes, I have noticed the difference but dialog menus still aren't displaying correctly.
I have checked this new file with Titan skin, and first line is still empty.
But when it comes to second line, when for example dialog menu for selected share
is displaying then on minidisplay I can see name of that selected share. Earlier this line was also empty, but it should display name of selected action from dialog menu...
In power menu both lines are empty like before.
Thank you for your interest.


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December 10, 2008
Ok, indeed on 1.18 the dialog menu is displayed almost fine on minidisplay.
But I have some remarks...
First line is always empty as before on Titan skin (it could be a skin problem, because I've checked it also on DefaultWideHD skin and there is ok).
Next thing is that, when you open dialog menu both lines are empty. You have to go up or down on list to display anything on minidisplay (on both skins).
So this are things I have noticed till now.

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