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October 11, 2005
Córdoba, Spain
I would like to know if there are any software wich can has two different resolutions in TV an TFT.
For example: TFT............1280x1024

Actually I have same resolution in TV and TFT ad i cann't chage it.

I have got an ATI Radeon 9600pro 256 Mb and XP pro.



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October 9, 2005
Hi Anakin,

I have a 9800 pro and the same problem. Apparently the resolutions are linked. I think I had it working a while ago with a tv out and the DVI plug. Those are not linked and can be changed in standard windows (under setup click on monitor '2' and change the res.) You however get all kind of problems and most programs don't support the two outputs. You get the scrolling on the smaller monitor.

What I did is create a schema for mediacenter/portal. You can set that up in the screen you show. With a shortcut (in my case ctrl+alt+M) it changes the resolution to the desired one and you can watch it on the tv. Switching back would be another shortcut.



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