[News] Digital Everywhere stops production of fire & floppy-dtv (1 Viewer)


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  • January 10, 2009
    Wales Wales
    Unfortunately I think this will drive many people into the more "dodgy" areas of DVB on PC, who might otherwise have bought a floppy- or fire-dtv and a cam.


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    February 7, 2005
    Italy Italy
    Especially the DRM lock down that is looming in the future could be a killing strike. It might end the pay channels for open source based HTPCs completely.

    My cable company has already taken the nice step towards dancing with the movie / content provider companies. In their great wisdom they have decided to start to use CAM pairing with SD channels as well (which is not even required by the content providers, as only the "premium" HD content should be protected). This will render CAM + PC combination useless as no PC is going to be found on the approved settop box list. Sad, but nothing we can do about. Similar lockdown is most likely going to start happening with the DVB-S side as well.
    I'm not shure what will happen but i think a lot of htpc users would not like to miss their features and so they will start to do illegal things with CAMS / Softcams and stuff like that - but it is forced by the providers.
    With CI+ it wont be possible, as both devices are going to be paired and you aren't going to be able to pair the CAM with anything else that has been approved. Of course it might be hacked in few next years, but as you know there are already few non-hacked copy protection schemes used in DVB so only future will tell if it is possible or not to use HTPC to receive channels that have been encrypted with CI+.

    And as you know such illegal activities aren't allowed to be talked on MediaPortal forums, so please no discussion on that topic anymore or the posts will be deleted without a warning.
    simply........... all us stop buying their tv product


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    September 22, 2006
    Sweden Sweden
    Anyone know another good card for DVBT and DVBC:D

    FireDTV was and are the best card on the market and the only one working? So now its problem to build a working solutiuon!


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    February 7, 2007
    Norway Norway
    I am happy I got a hold of another one that has been used as a demo card for a shop! I tried everywhere but all out of stock in Norway. And you know what? My current card said "bybye" today :( Typical


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  • July 28, 2004
    New Zealand New Zealand
    OMG! What a shock!

    Best hardware
    Best CAM support
    Best customer support
    Best drivers

    Hands down!!!

    They will be missed :-(
    I dearly hope one of the percieved bigger boys buys their intellectual property and keeps them alive somehow.



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    August 26, 2008
    Germany Germany
    I got my Floppy DTV C yesterday, there was a few units available some days ago and i pushed the Button. The biggest difference is the signal strenght compared with my "old" Mystique Card alias KNC 1 TV Station DVB-C Plus. KNC 60 % vs Floppy 100%, i was getting mad with the KNC ( graph issue, pmt timeout ) i changed my antenna plug, bought better cable but only the Floppy saved my ass...

    If my Floppy breaks one day and there´s no equivalent solution i´ll change to a standalone receiver that´s for sure ;)


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    February 7, 2005
    Italy Italy
    HTPC crowd is so small that it won't have any effect.
    my idea is for all market not only htpc, an example in italy there are many people that after buying a new lcd/plasma fullhd tv with integrated dtt tuner now can't see new hd channell from "mediaset premium" because the cam interface available it's no good for mpeg4 hd channel, for this streaming must have ci+ interface but new cam ci+ now are unavailable in shop and their new tv are incompatible with this new interface standard, and after legally having bought a subscription, they cannot see these channels because they would need to buy a new decoder.

    from me they won't have one Euro anymore


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  • June 19, 2008
    Norway Norway
    I would just like to add my voice to the many who regret this deeply.

    Just a few days ago I received the a new power cable in the post from them, fixing my problem that the DVB-S2 card does not come available after hibernate.

    Great company providing excellent service to the bitter end.

    I hope a solution can be found to keep this product in the market.


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    March 29, 2008
    Netherlands Netherlands
    Damn, this is really sad to hear.

    I am very satisfied with my DVB-S2 card, working like a charm!
    How is this going to effect the support of Fire-DTV cards in future releases of Mediaportal?

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