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January 8, 2011
(using 1.3a / windows 8)

Is there a way to disable the pop up messages (such as "new titan version") during the time I watch movies (or any other media)

I don't mind seeing them in offline

but if there is no way to determine when, then how can I just completely disable them from popping up?


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    you can turn off tv recording start/finish notifications in mp config (i think it's under the tv section)
    i have a feeling that titan skin update notifications would be very very rare, not sure how to disable.


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    September 1, 2009
    I had this problem too on 1.2, upgraded to 1.3 and it's still there.
    Funny enough, it's giving me a message that 1.3 RC is available, when I'm running 1.3 FINAL.
    It's giving me all other kinds of messages and they're kind of intrusive. Is there really no way to disable them?

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