DLLs can not be found when starting MP2 Server from outside of the ProgramFiles folder (1 Viewer)


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January 19, 2011
Trier, Germany
Germany Germany
Hi guys,

I wanted to write my first plugin for MP2 (NFO movie/series/music videos/... file extractor) and had some problems compiling the MP2 Server.

I had two days ago some complete reinstall of my Windows 7 Ultimate and so all my installations are completely new. I installed VS 2010 Expree C# Edition and GIT and downloaded the newest version of MP2.

After starting the MP2 Server sln file in VS2010 I setup the starting project, compiled and wanted to debug but I always get the same error message that it is not possible to connect to the SQL Server 4 Compact Edition which is shipped with the source code.

I asked Morpheus and we copied the dlls to the root folder of the compiled debug version. Than it worked.
We tried to set some registry fix like here : https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/threads/client-unable-to-load-freetype6-dll.91798/#post-699991
But this did not work.

And than we copied the compiled debug version to the program files/team mediaportal folder. Than it worked.

So it seems that some installations of Windows 7 need the MP2 Server in the ProgramFiles folder or some folder which lies in the PATH or there is some path problem in Windows 7.

At the moment I'm searching for some better solution then using the ProgramFiles folder as workspace but I haven't found any. If you've got some idea I would be really happy. ;)

Thx guys.


Portal Pro
January 19, 2011
Trier, Germany
Germany Germany
Ok. It's even stranger than I thought.
I copied my workspace into the Programfiles folder and compiled it again. It even doesn't work there.
It only works when I take the bin/.../debug folder and put it directly into my ProgramFiles (x86) or my ProgramFiles (x86)/team mediaportal folder...

Perhaps it has something to do with the following article...
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