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August 15, 2008
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I have just setup a new mediaportal box for my mum on windows 7 pro 32bit, latest version of MP that wont be on a netwk (not connected to a swicth etc) but it has a working nic in it.

MP config TV section is pointing at the computer name and it doesnt seem to be having a problem playing tv etc when not plugged in to a network (nic is still enabled).

My old xp machines did have a problem in the past when they off the network I think I recall setting up loobback on them but have sinced kept them online (connected to swicth).

So question is with the latest version of MP and win7 pro and single seat setup with MP config TV section pointing at its own hostname for TV server do I need to configure this box with a loop-back if I keep it unpatched from a network (can problems pop up later?)

Thanks for advising on this


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  • September 1, 2008
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    Hi austuff

    Yes, I confirm you need to set up the loopback adapter or hack the registry in that situation. MP requires a connected network adapter for operation even in a single seat environment. That requirement is linked to the requirements of some of the protocols that MP relies on for communication between the frontend client and the TV Server as well as the streaming server that the TV Server runs. There shouldn't be any problem with installing the LB adapter or uninstalling it later if the PC is eventually connected to a network.


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