Does HDHomeRun work with MediaPortal?

Discussion in 'Newcomers Forum' started by jp2code, July 5, 2016.

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    I tried a search before posting this, but only found vague references to HDHomeRun on here.

    So, before I try installing MediaPortal, is it compatible with HDHomeRun?

    I have the EXTEND model that has dual Over The Air tuners.

    Kodi can be made to work, but I have to select a TV Server and TV Client that are non-Kodi and seem to always contain their own steep learning curves. Then, Kodi pushes out an update, and that TV Server/Client may or may not be compatible, meaning I have to research that all again.

    From what I see in the wiki, it looks like MediaPortal still has a server/client, but it isn't some 3rd party add-on junk that I have to learn separately.

    I would kind of like something that I don't need to worry about once it is setup. I'd like to be able to see my local news in MediaPortal's guide, tell it I want to record that every day, keep only 1 episode (who cares about yesterday's traffic reports or weather?), then skip past all of the local commercials when I sit down to watch it when I get home from work.

    My other concern is that I also have a lot of off-line media content, like a 4-TB NAS drive full of old ripped DVDs. It looks like MediaPortal works for off-line media, too, but I don't know how good that experience is. I want to retain my ability to play these, view captions, Fast Forward, Rewind, and Resume Playback.
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    To add:

    The PC is this little Windows 7 NUC:

    I would use WMC by itself, but it cannot Fast Forward or Rewind ripped movies, captions require plug-in hacks, and any tiny glitch in the video ripping causes WMC to throw up a Blue Screen saying there is a problem. It seems to only be good at TV or watching something straight through on the DVD.
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    Yes it is.

    Note that MediaPortal doesn't use the EXTEND model's encoder features, so all your recordings will come out as per the original broadcast.
    From memory the only things you have to remember in order to get it working are:
    1. Set the "main application" or "application" setting in HDHR Setup to "MediaPortal".
    2. Configure any firewalls or network security software to allow MediaPortal's TV Server to communicate with the HDHR.

    All of this is possible with appropriate configuration.

    Yes, MP does work with off-line media, including DVDs. All the things you specifically mentioned are fairly basic requirements for MP, and so I think you should be satisfied.

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