1. D

    'IPTV' is not a valid value for LineupTypes

    I am using SchedulesDirect for importing HDHomeRun Premium and OTA EPGs. After restarting the MediaPortal1 service, no EPG data downloads. I see the following entry in the TVService log: [2019-01-26 13:16:34,516] [Log ] [SchedulesDirect EPG Client] [INFO ] - WARNING: Appears there is a...
  2. J

    TV Recordings "stuck open"

    Hi, I am having an issue with recordings that seem to be "stuck open" (best short description I can think of). I will have a show set to record, and it will, but the little red recording indicator never goes off, and all other following recordings then fail until I reset the TV service. After...
  3. T

    Solved - New Install 1.15.0 Starting TV Crashes MP - WIN 10 HDHOMERUN

    Hi guys I am a newbie to MP, I generally use Windows MCE. So far I have had the same issue for both MP2 which I installed then uninstalled to try MP 1.15.0. I have managed to watch some stored vids on my NAS just to check and make sure all was kinda working. I have run the TV Configuration and...
  4. Y

    "No signal" when scanning for channels

    Trying to set up an HDhomerun tuner with windows 10, using all of the same settings that worked under windows 7. I'm unable to find any channels. Reports "No signal" for every channel scanned. I can scan and watch all channels with the HDhomerun view application. Also, when running a...
  5. jp2code

    Does HDHomeRun work with MediaPortal?

    I tried a search before posting this, but only found vague references to HDHomeRun on here. So, before I try installing MediaPortal, is it compatible with HDHomeRun? I have the EXTEND model that has dual Over The Air tuners. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GY0UB6I Kodi can be made to work, but I...
  6. R

    PCI tuner card vs HDHomerun Extend vs Tablo

    Hi there, I've been spending a LOT of time the past few days reading up on how to setup hardware to allow watching live TV on various devices and had a few questions. My requirements are as follows: .... I just want to be able to stream some OTA HD channels to the following devices; Roku 3...
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