Does Mini itx have enough power to play MediaPortal Full HD ? (1 Viewer)


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November 13, 2011
Norway Norway
I need to build a new HTPC only for MP.
And I dont want someone to say it is to small after I have bought it.
I want it to be quiet, maybe fanless ? if not 120mm fan !

I was first thinking about the: streacom fc8

and this mainboard:

But I dont think the mainboard will fit this fanless case (ram slot will hit the heatpipes?)

I have heard alot positive about ASRock mainboard with built in HD graphics card.
What is the difference between FM2 and FM2+ ?
And is there any difference in the mini-itx vs micro-itx?

this: Extreme4+/
or this:

I get confused, and dont want a HTPC that not can handle HD graphic in Mediaportal + playing full HD movies with HD sound.

thanx for all help before I buy :)


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December 16, 2010
Germany Germany
M-ITX has one PCI/PCI-e Slot. Micro-ATX has 3 or 4 Slots. FM2 supports Trinity and Richland APU, FM2+ supports also Kaveri APU. There is no FM/FM2/FM2+ Mainboard with built in HD graphics. GPU is always a part of the APU.


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  • December 8, 2005
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    I have an Intel NUC as a bedroom client, this one exactly: Intel DC3217IYE
    It runs all the media I want without a glitch, it's small and quiet.
    Connections to it is somewhat limited as there are no pci ports and just three usb ports as is the small box, but it's powerful enough.
    I even run steam on it and play "South Park: The Stick of Destiny" and that runs just fine.


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    November 13, 2011
    Norway Norway
    A AMD A4 can play HD Movies... with a AMD A6 you have enaught power for the future.

    But you must look for motherboard that support the Streacom FC8. The CPU must be on the right place for the heatpipe cooling.

    i think thats the right motherboard
    true, I need to have a board that fit the FC8, but then again I start to find post about FC8 fanless case that get hot and board can burn up because of no fan on the internal fans on the board.

    maybe I can jump to Micro-Atx and have a tiny bit bigger case but still use 120mm fan without much sound.

    I hear to say that a tiny computer can handle HD.
    But can a tiny computer handle all the task MediaPortal demand, streaming full HD, subtitles, 7,1 DTS sound, 10-30Gb Blu-Ray files etc.. ?

    Often on my old computer the sound started to lag 1-2 second when watching movies.
    Also today my computer start to stutter when playing movies (this happen if I skip forward and back again then play).
    This is very annoying when you have friends over to see a Movie.

    That is the reason I want a computer that will never have trouble whatever I want it to do.
    You mention A4 \ A6 , actually the A10 was the CPU I was thinking about.

    I just need a silent case, and a motherboard with built in HD graphic card that can handle everything.


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  • November 29, 2010
    Germany Germany
    we have build htpc with streacom FC8 or other streacom products... no problems.

    what you mean "streaming hd"? Streaming to tablet over ampdroid or watch streams?


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    November 13, 2011
    Norway Norway
    Watch HD on the computer, streaming from the web :)
    That part usually goes fine.

    It`s usually the big files that have trouble when playing halfway, the sound is out of sync etc.. I dont want that to happen.
    What MoBo and CPU did you use inside the FC8 ? :)


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    November 13, 2011
    Norway Norway
    I`m stuck.... I cant find a motherboard with built in graphic card that will fit the FC8 cabinet. and also possible to buy in Norway.
    And I dont know how to find out if the motherboard have built in graphic card that is suitable?

    I did read somewhere that mediaportal is very sensitive about some card and drivers etc, also some cards is better to play .mkv etc, AMD is often recommended to work best with media center\mediaportal.

    And I dont need WiFi on my board, (maybe save money to buy one that dont have)


    I ended ut with this:

    ASRock FM2A88X-ITX+..
    AMD A10-7700K Black CPU/APU - FM2 - Box

    Water Cooling
    120GB samsung SSD
    Crusial 8gb DDR3

    Total cost $700

    should this be OK ?
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