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April 7, 2013
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MediaPortal Version: 1.3.0

I am trying to receive DVB-C with MediaPortal. My local german cabel provider is UnityMedia.
I use a USB 2.0 DVB-T / DVB-C Receiver "Delock 61959" with a eMPIA 2875 Chip and the latest BDA driver from the chip manufacturer, dated Aug. 23, 2011. This driver looks to be fine both with DVB-C and DVB-C with Windows Media Center, with DVBviewer and with ProgDVB.
I use two fresh MediaPortal Installations on a Notebook under Windows 7-64 and a Desktop under Windows 8-64, both with the same Symptoms. Both MediaPortal Installations look perfectly fine with a DVB-S2 USV Stick Mystique SaTiX-S2 V2.
For the eMPIA 2875, MediaPortal recognizes both tuners as "DVB-T". Scan does not recognize any channels, neither for DVB-C nor for DVB-T. As already mentioned, Stick Hardware and Driver Software do work and recognize channels when used with the other tools.
What can I do to see DVB-C TV with MediaPortal?
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Steps to Reproduce:
Install any (?) DVB-C/DVB-T USB Stick in Media Portal 1.3.0?
Or is this only a Problem with Delock 61959, with a eMPIA EM2875 Chip and the latest eMPIA drivers, dated 2011/08/23?

DVB-C Tuner is not recognized as DVB-C but as DVB-T and does not recognize DVC-C Channels.
DVB-T Tuner is recognized as DVB-T but does not recognize DVB-T channels either.

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