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October 27, 2005
I've got sort of a complex system i'd like to build. I have digital cable which requres the use of a motorola cable box do descramble certain channels. I've found there is a plug in to control it via serial cable. So here's my question:

To hook this up, I just run the video out from the cable box (either svideo or coax) into the HTPC and then a standard serial cable from the PC back to the digital tuner?

Could I then install a second tuner card and patch another coax line not hooked through the digital tuner so I could record 2 shows at once or watch and record 2 different show? (the tuner only decodes premium channels and adds the interface)

Would media portal completely eliminate the interface from the digital box ( IE the channel listing guide) and basicly just turn it into a decoding unit?

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