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July 25, 2005
When running MP with a mouse you can always move the cursor to abowe the i.e. movie list and thus get the dynamic menu with the six icons (speaker, screen, search, back, fullscreen, stop different for different applications). This menu is rather handy but how do you access it using only a remote control (i.e. MS MCE 2005 Remote)?



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December 12, 2005
I'm wondering the same thing.

I'm also wondering how to access the options menu while watching a movie (may be access using a right-mouse click if a mouse is connected) using a mce remote. I.e. that menu where you may change between Normal, 1:1, Stretch, etc.


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  • September 12, 2005
    cheezey said:
    Try the i button or the DVD Menu button on the MCE remote to bring up these menus when watching vids

    This works under most circumstances but when watching DVDs with it's own menu structure I can't find a way to bring up the menu with the remote since pressing DVD menu will bring up the actual DVD menu. I think it would be great to always bring up the popup menu when pressing DVD menu and if watching a DVD with it's own menu structure there could be an option in MP's menu to go to the DVD's native menu.
    Perhaps this could be user configurable. Just a thought.


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    There's also the 4 coloured buttons on the bottom of the European MCE remote, they have hardcoded actions too:

    Red is mapped to the x key for fullscreen/minimise
    Blue is mapped to the s key for changing the aspect ratio
    Green is mapped to the Esc key for returning back to home
    Yellow is mapped to the F9 key for brining up a menu (the same as the DVD menu button)

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