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September 6, 2009
Hi there,
I'm watching DVB-C, provider Onlime in Russia, all text in EPG are in russian characters.
Everything was good until a few weeks ago.
Provider begin to add "age info" in the beginning of each EPG program description.
If I see EPG by TV in another room (not by my htpc), I can see 2 different types of EPG data, some channels use old data, some channels - in a new format:
1. "name", "description" (old one)
2. "name", "age+description" (a new one), for example: "16+This is a story ...."

So, for old format everything is still ok now, for a new one - incorrect symbols (text became totally unreadable)

I found only a few channels with correct russian text in a new format. It looks like:

All other new format's program text is looks like:
What's may be wrong? Is it possible, that MP incorrectly understanding first 2 digits in EPG text and use wrong codepage for that?

Thanks for any comments,

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