[Pending] DVB-C Tuning Parameters: Switzerland.UPC Cablecom [NID 43020] v.7.xml (1 Viewer)


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  • September 11, 2008
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    Again, UPC Cablecom has changed the frequencys.

    Here are the new files:
    • Switzerland.UPC Cablecom NID 43020 v7-2010827.xml
    • Switzerland.FULL [SR6900_64+256QAM_v0.3].xml
    • Switzerland.FULL [SR6900_64QAM_v0.3).xml
    • Switzerland.FULL [SR6900_256QAM_v0.3].xml
    • Switzerland.FULL-QuickScan [SR6900_64+256QAM_v0.3)
    • Switzerland.FULL-QuickScan [SR6900_64QAM_v0.3)
    • Switzerland.FULL-QuickScan [SR6900_256QAM_v0.3)
    Dates are from local scan [TV:264 / Radio:236].

    Quelle: Channel Changeover | On 27 August 2019 | UPC

    What is happening?

    On 27 August we successfully carried out adjustments to our network. You may now need to make adjustments to your TV receiver.


    By the end of this year we will offer our customers 1 gigabit Internet speed throughout all of Switzerland. In order to carry out this innovation, we had to make adjustments to our network, which required a TV channel changeover.


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