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  • August 4, 2005
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    I was just reading the news about the FloppyDTV:
    H/W pid filtering is a new feature of the firedtv/floppydtv boxes.This neat feature will limit the bandwidth needed on the firewire bus by only sending the video/audio streams of the current selected tv channel to the PC, instead of all transmitting all the video/audio streams of all the tv channels of the current transponder. This will result in much smoother playback and less stuttering.

    From this i gather that normally DVB cards(like for example my Twinhan Cab CI DVB-C) just hands over all the stuff from the current transponder. But doesnt this mean that it is theoretically possible to record more than one channel with a single tuner *IF* all the channels are located on the same transponder?

    Or did i misunderstand something?

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