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June 2, 2013
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first thank you very much for the great work developing MediaPortal! I really like it!

I'm trying to scan and find all channels that I can receive over DVB-S. The problem is that I don't know the satellite system here in my apartment block and noone can tell me anything about it. So this problem is not caused by MP, it is more my lack of information.
I think the satellite dish is aligned to 19.2 (Astra) as I am in Germany, but I can't find some channels, e. g. "Das Erste HD" and "Arte HD". As I found on the Internet they should be on 11.494 H, but when I scan that transponder 7 different channels are added, containing Al Jazeera, Cubavision and Montagne TV. I looked them up and found out that they should be on 11.5085 V, how can that be?

Thank you!
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    Hello and welcome :)

    To receive that transponder you'll need a DVB-S2 tuner.
    Then make sure you have ticked the option that enables scanning and tuning of DVB-S2 channels.
    Finally, scan using the following settings:
    frequency = 11494000
    symbol rate = 22000
    polarisation = horizontal
    modulation = 8 PSK
    inner FEC rate = 2/3
    pilot = on
    roll-off = 0.35


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