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November 18, 2005
I'm a newbie and after installation of MP I cannot view DVD without subtitles. If I go to the DVD menu I can remove subtitles for the chapter I'm viewing only. I've found some people have this problem too but I didn't find the solution. I tried all the possible combinations of decoders and DVD navigator with no success. I' ve installed Intervideo winDVD4 (that works fine by itself but if I choose all WinDVD decoders I cannot view my ripped DVD (I have them organized in VIDEO_TS folders under folders with the same name of the Movie). Only if I use DVD navigator (standard) when I click on the folder it plays my ripped DVD's, I tried to remove VOBSub to have no subtitles at all but I always have them.
I bought TheaterTek too but I don't know if it could solve my problem and if there are problem controlling it via MediaPortal so I did'nt install it until now.

Please help me.


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