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January 12, 2006
Ok, i use a laptop downstairs to watch tv recorded on my main MP PC upstairs. The laptop has a packard bell TV ina box (lifeview TV walker rebrand I think). Now of course the remote with this does not work with MP. So Ive bought a logitec wireless keyboard, mouse and remote package (~£40 from PC world). Now the remote works pretty much out of the box.

I think its actually a glorified wirelss mouse, but hey it works! It comes with its own HT software, but it a bit pants and cant stream video from a remote folder.

Main problem i had was exiting full screen video in RC2, so I have swtched to RC1 which has a left click menu in full screen video that lets you select 'move to previous window'. In GUI mode the remotes 'back' button works fine.

Its got ~8 user definable keys so you can start MP from the remote, or map them to specific key strokes.

I'm not on comision by the way, but it works a bloody treat!

One question while I'm here is there a key stroke (or is it possible to set a key stroke) that takes you all the way back to the first GUI screen, i.e. the same way the 'home' button on my hauppage remote does?

Hope this helps someone



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