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February 26, 2011
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Hey all,

I'm having a funky problem when using powerdvd9 as an external player for my bluray disks. This is how I currently have things set up. I have powerdvd9 set as an external player in moving pictures, and from there when I select the movie it opens powerdvd9 and begins playback fine.

(I know this one is being bad) In windows I have all my autoplay turned off with the exception of bluray disks. I have them set to autoplay using powerdvd9. Even from within mediaportal, when I insert a bluray disk it opens powerdvd9 and begins playback fine.

From within the videos configuration I have set powerdvd9 as my external player and have set the file extensions of .m2ts; .bdmv. When I go into videos and select to play the bluray it opens powerdvd9 but doesn't start playback. If I press the play button on my remote instead of playing the movie (like it used to) it now opens up powerdvd9's edit playlist box. Even if I use the mouse to press the onscreen play button it opens the edit playlist box.

If I now go back to moving pictures and play the bluray from there it opens powerdvd and plays fine.

I have no idea why it is doing this. I'm not that technically minded so have only really just got the external player working at all. We don't have many bluray disks so I didn't bother setting it up in the past - I just shut down mediaportal and played the disk from windows.

Just wondering if anyone's got any clues?

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