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October 31, 2005
I have a Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T PCI Digital tv-card and i wondering how to scan for channels with that. I have found where you type in the info, but since i don't know that i would like to scan for those channels that i can recive.

Sorry for my bad english ;-)


EDIT: I found the channels i was sopused to. But I got one new problem, the sound dosn't follow along with the video. I thought that it could be the codec that was wrong, but none of my codecs makes it better. What codecs shuld i use?

P.S. I tryed the tvcard in Media Center(I run MCE) And there it works perfactly well.


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  • June 13, 2005
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    Hi Kalf

    Which Country are you trying to scan for if using 0.2 RC2the only problem i found using lifeview DVB-T duo card was the wizard would not
    find any channels but if you go into setup, television, Capture cards, click on your card model, edit and you will then see autotune button run that and see if it pulls in channels for your region. FORGOT when in SETUP,TELEVISION make sure country selected is correct and then proceed to CAPTURE cards it worked for me and i have had problems with the wizard before but this got me working PS just tried MCE and what a ????????

    Rayuk 8)

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