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  • September 20, 2011
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    Subject says most if it.

    I have a single seat server which remote clients use to view television, just like my ampdroid (pro) client.
    Single seat HTPC only switch on and off TV and AMP when a user is sitting on the couch actually using it.
    Every other situation is solved with away mode (no TV and AMP needed)

    However, I just noticed a small bug.
    When server is in away mode streaming TV to ampdroid, at the moment I touch my back button on my mobile to end the stream, my server is going into runmode (out of away mode) which switches on the TV and AMP (through powerscheduler++ and IRSS)
    This shouldn't happen because there is nobody sitting on the couch watching the 42" screen.
    The server should stay in away mode.

    This doesn't happen when a native remote MP 1.2.3 client is used. After this client end streaming and disconnects, the server just continues away mode and waits for suspend mode (S3 sleep)
    It never enters runmode.

    Is it a feature or a bug?

    Further testing/usage makes me doubt this behaviour is 100% generated by ampdroid. It also could be the TVserver.
    I will further test this to be more sure.
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