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October 1, 2009
Hi. Just started using MediaStream and I love it, however i have a problem.

I use last.fm and there are certain options where text input is necessary (ie. enter name of band). In Mediastream when I select a text input field a window comes up showing the edit field and a cursor but no mini keyboard or means to input text.

Does media stream only accept a keyboard input device for text? Is there a way to implement a mini keyboard / popup keyboard?



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September 28, 2009
I think a way of input depends on plugin but not skin. Like last.fm has text field only, OnlineVideos has onscreen keyboard, MovingPictures offers T9 style input. Personally, i like Last.fm input style, looks like fastest way to type on remote. Only problem is "Backspace" key, by deault "Clear" button on MCE remote acts like "Escape" key and can't be re-mapped in MediaPortal. I had to use external app, to make "Clear" act like "Backspace".

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