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October 24, 2005
Area: EPG / XMLTV plugin
MP Version: 0.2
Skin: Default
Windows Version: XP Pro, SP2
CPU Type: AMD Athlon 2800
Memory: 512k PC2700
Motherboard Chipset: VIA (not sure which - Biostar 200V SFF)
Video Card: ATI 9600
Video Card Driver: Catalyst 5.9
Video Card Resolution: 800x600
Video Render Type: VMR9
Video Codec Type & Version: Not sure
Audio Codec Type & Version: Not sure
TV Card: Hauppauge PVR150 MCE
TV Card Type: Hardware
TV Card Driver: Latest
Optional Log: Don't know how to get this.
Optional References: ??


I followed the instructions in another post on how to import the TV Guide from Zap2It for Northeast US (Commack, NY to be precise) - I managed to import data, but I have 2 problems.

1. Data is incorrect - For example, program may visibly be CSI, but it comes up as 'Good Morning America' (not an exact example)... Guide is WAY off... I did set the time-zone as 0400 (with should be NE USA correct?)

2. Data 'overlays' when I scroll, so I just get a jumbled mess of text instead of a clean EPG.

I did a lot of searches in the Forums for these issues, but didn't find anything. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

Thank you very much.


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  • February 23, 2005
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