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August 30, 2011
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I have a server running MP TV-Server 1.3.0 and several MP 1.3.0 clients. If I start any of my clients, start MediaPortal, then go to the EPG, it appears within a second or two. However, if I wake my HTPC from S3 sleep and then click on TV Guide, I get to stare at the MediaPortal home screen background for 20-25 seconds before it appears.

I've attached logs and it looks like the HTPC wakes at 15:18:41, I clicked TV Guide at 15:18:56 and the EPG appeared at 15:19:15, a delay of 19 seconds in this case.

Why would this be? Both the server and HTPC are connected to the router via gigabit ethernet. MP TV-Server is installed on the SSD of the server, which is always on, and timeshift files go here too. Recordings go to an HDD which is asleep when not in use but I can't see why this'd matter (especially since other clients don't have this issue, including my laptop which is often woken from S3 sleep). In any case, it doesn't take 20 seconds to wake the HDD.

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