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  • December 17, 2010
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    Sorry, we are not far enough developed for first tests. I will inform you as soon as there is something to do.
    A first screenshot of the new program so you can see something really is going on:

    By the way, we want to support Schedules Direct right out of our program. Our new Program should download the data from SD and bring it into a XMLTV compatible form so it can be directly imported into the MP database... But as we both are living in Germany there is no way for us to test this. So we need help from someone who actually is using SD.. If we didn't find a way to directly use SD we need to make WebGrab+Plus work with SD as easy as possible. For this we also need help from someone using SD. We probably also can support zap2it, if this is wanted. Here we also need help from ztap2it users.

    The new Program should read channel and groups from your TV server database, if possible. Aside this there will be a manual edit method so you can use the program with every TV solution that can read XMLTV compatible data (nearly every TV solution is able to do so) Then you can set a different EPG Data source for every channel and/or set a default source for all channels with the possibility to change the source for a few channels later. And you also can set a schedule for automatically downloading the EPG data on a daily or weekly base. All this without the need to edit cryptic config files or writing complicated batch files. Only some mouse clicks and you are good to go. The program then grabs the EPG data, compares it with TVDB and TMDB to fill missing descriptions, season or episodes numbers and also can compare it with the MP2 Media Library. This way you will get a mark in the EPG if series episodes or movies are already in your ML. And it can inform you if new episodes of a series you have in your ML will be aired next days.

    But all this will need some time to be ready.

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