1.10.0 - Error in Pre- / Post-Record settings while Programming via "Upcoming Episodes"

Discussion in 'Archive' started by yhoogi, February 6, 2015.

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    Trying to program several events of a TV-Show (e.g. Series Eps) via "Upcoming Episodes" does not take individual Pre- & Post-Record settings into account.
    Changes to the Pre- & Post-Record settings are only affecting the Show entry point where from EPG-Menu one is switching to "Upcoming Episodes" Menu.

    Steps to reproduce:

    Step 1
    Go to EPG Menu & select a show (Example STTNG 19:25-20:15); "Upcoming episodes" Menu appear

    Step 2
    Activate show (STTNG 19:25-20:15) for recording
    Switch to "Recording options" / "Post-Record" and change default setting (24min) to 5min

    Step 3
    Scroll down to a later show in "Upcoming episodes" Menu (i.e. STTNG 23:30-00:20)
    Activate show (STTNG 23:30-00:20) for recording
    Switch to "Recording options" / "Post-Record" and change default setting (24min) to 7min

    Step 4
    Go to MP TV-Server Configuration/Schedules
    As seen the second recording is not set with a different post-record value but remains at default
    while the entry point (STTNG 19:25-20:15) is changed to 7min
    Note: After Step 2: Post Record would have been 5min for (STTNG 19:25-20:15)

    Supplementary comment:
    Behavior for changing the Pre-Record or the Post-Record setting are the the same

    Additional Bug:
    While doing the description:
    TV-Server configuration - Schedule did not update the changed Pre-/Post-Record Settings; even while switching Menu Screens
    (e.g. Schedules -> Manual Control -> Schedules) which normally do an update.
    Update of settings are only shown after a restart of the TV-Server configuration
    Steps to reproduce:
    Do the things above and you will see 5min for (STTNG 19:25-20:15) if no restart is performed
    after restart of TV-Server config (STTNG 19:25-20:15) is set to 7min



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