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April 27, 2009
Netherlands Netherlands
I wanted to update my siteutil, GeenStijl.TV. In MediaPortal it's working perfectly and also XML validators don't give errors.

        <Site name="GeenStijl.TV" util="GenericSite" agecheck="false" enabled="true" lang="nl" lastUpdated="2010-09-26T12:16:12.7331128+02:00">
            <Description>Videos van GeenStijl.TV</Description>
                <item key="dynamicCategoriesRegEx"><![CDATA[<li><a\shref="(?<url>[^"]+/)">(?<title>[^<]+)</a></li>]]></item>
                <item key="videoListRegEx"><![CDATA[<item>\s*<title>(?<Title>[^<]*)</title>\s*<description><!\[CDATA\[(?<Description>[^]]*)]]]]><![CDATA[></description>\s*<link>(?<VideoUrl>[^<]*)</link>\s*<guid>[^<]*</guid>\s*<category></category>\s*<pubDate>(?<Airdate>[^\+]*)\s\+0100</pubDate>\s*</item>|<li>(?<Airdate>[^<]+)\s<a\shref="(?<VideoUrl>[^"]+)">(?<Title>[^<]+)</a></li>]]></item>
                <item key="fileUrlRegEx"><![CDATA[(?<m0>[^']+\.(?<n0>[^']+))]]></item>
                <item key="fileUrlNameFormatString"><![CDATA[Speel {0} video]]></item>
                <item key="baseUrl"><![CDATA[]]></item>
                <Category xsi:type="RssLink" name="De meest recente items" desc="De meest recente items van GeenStijlTV"></Category>
Problem is, when this util is in the OnlineVideoSites.xml, I can't update other utils from within MP. Also, I am not able to publish this siteutil to your server.

Error when publishing: fout onlinevideos upload -

What's wrong with this util's xml?



Portal Pro
April 27, 2009
Netherlands Netherlands
I downloaded the latest version from the MP Extension Installer, 33.01.


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  • Team MediaPortal
  • April 26, 2008
    Germany Germany
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    Hm I think that is a bug I fixed in SVN already. I can't reproduce the problem over here with that exact xml on OnlineVideos SVN version. This mean you can either wait for the next version, or I can update the site for you if you wish?


    Portal Pro
    April 27, 2009
    Netherlands Netherlands
    Then I wait for the next release and it would be nice if you update the site for me :)

    edit: I was thinking.. When you update it, won't other users get the same problem as I have when the code is in OnlineVideoSites.xml? As I said in the startpost, I also could not update any other sites from within MP.

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