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December 6, 2010
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Hi to all,

using IRSS for a few days to control my AVReceiver via RS232.
So I found this article in the Wiki:

Just wondering if it is so easy to add a new button and use it with the event mapper???
Or is this article outdated? It is mentiones that it is incomplete: What is missing?
Thanks for reading and answering ;-)


One night later... it is quite simpel! :)
Now I can start MyMenu without a special button on the remote.
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    Hi Illuminator - glad you got it working! We usually try to say what is missing/incomplete/outdated, but those docs are from long ago.
    @chefkoch has been updating the IRSS docs as much as he can, but it's a big job, so if you find anything missing/outdated please feel free to add/update the page(s). You can always check the latest revisions by clicking on the date the page was last modified (at the bottom of the Navigation panel on the left side of the page:

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