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December 27, 2005
Area: Media Portal Program/Remote
MP Version: tested on and RC2
Skin: project X
Windows Version: XP, SP2, all official patches incl. Firewire patch and BDA-patch
CPU Type: comp1: Celeron 2,4 GHZ, comp2: PIV 2,4 GHZ
Memory: comp1: 512 comp2: 512
Motherboard Chipset: comp1: ASUS comp2: MSX
Video Card: Comp1: Nvidia GeForce 5200 Comp2: Elsa Erazor III
Video Card Driver: newest
Video Card Resolution: 1024x768
Video Render Type: VMR9 or Overlay
Video Codec Type & Version: video codec you used for testing
Audio Codec Type & Version: audio codec you used for testing
TV Card: FireDTV-S from Digital Everywhere
TV Card Type: DVB, firewire with Cam module
TV Card Driver: BDA: 4.1
Optional Log: parts of the "/log/MediaPortal.log" which show an issue
Optional References: any reference

Synopsis: My FireDTV works perfectly, also the Remote Control, only when my computers (tested on two computers) wake up from hibernate, I get the following exception:

An exception has occurred. This sample must exit.

System.Data.DataException: Invalid 'Key' node inside constraint named: Relation1.
at System.Data.XSDSchema.HandleKeyref(XmlSchemaKeyref keyref)
at System.Data.XSDSchema.HandleDataSet(XmlSchemaElement node)
at System.Data.XSDSchema.LoadSchema(XmlSchema schemaRoot, DataSet ds)
at System.Data.DataSet.ReadXSDSchema(XmlReader reader, Boolean denyResolving)
at System.Data.DataSet.ReadXmlSchema(XmlReader reader, Boolean denyResolving)
at System.Data.DataSet.ReadXmlSchema(String fileName)
at MediaPortal.RemoteControls.FireDTVRemote.Init(IntPtr hwnd)
at MediaPortal.InpuDevices.Init()
at MediaPortalApp.InitializeDeviceObjects()
at MediaPortal.D3DApp.FullRender()

I use the FireDTV-Remote Control with the firesatapi.dll copied into the media portal directory.

I get the reproducible exception with and also RC2, on both of my computers.

Actually I use PVRScheduler for sending the computer to sleep and waking him up again with the option “Close MP before standbyâ€. When MP closes completely I do not get these exceptions and Fire DTV works perfectly again with the Remote.

Has anyone else these probs?

thx& ciao,

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