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  • September 27, 2009
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    With MediaPortal 1.24 and FanartHandler during Music playback the following error messages are displayed frequently in MediaPortal.log:
    "[Error ] [RefreshWorker] [ERROR] - GUITextureManager Load2: Fehler in der Anwendung."
    "[2020-03-01 21:06:26,165] [Error ] [MPMain ] [ERROR] - GUITextureManager Load2: Fehler in der Anwendung."
    With MediaPortal 1.24 during Music playback the following error message is displayed in MediaPortal.log:
    [Log ] [10 ] [ERROR] - Exception: MediaPortal.LastFM.LastFMException: Track not found
    Do you have a full set of logs for me for these 2 errors? Or some steps to reproduce?
    Did some small tests with playing music (even with fanarthandler installed, but not sure how to configure it to get the errors) and I don't see those errors here.
    Same as with lastfm, do I need to have an account for those errors to appear?


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  • January 7, 2011
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    The errors appear when playing music from a playlist.

    The Fanart configuration is very default.
    If it works, you see the changing background images from the current music artist during playback.

    I don't use LastFM and I can't find any related setting in the MediaPortal configuration.
    To me it looks like MediaPortal uses LastFM by default without a user account to find similiar tracks during music playback.

    I will send you the full log files in a private message.

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