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March 15, 2016
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I am currently using WIndows Media Center with a bunch of Xbox 360's so if I switch to mediaportal not looking forward to essentially tossing all that gear but it is what it is. I currently manage my extenders with an RF extender that triggers the IR on the Xbox from another room to control it. If I build my own extenders is there hardware you would recommend that would act like the xbox with a built in IR port or even better support RF? I have a Logitec Harmony remote that supports both interfaces but obviously limiting conversion from RF to IR would be ideal. I was considering the Intel NUC devices but not sure if they have either integrated into them. Thoughts?




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    I'm not too clear on the functioning of your current setup, I'd guess that's why you haven't got any replies, either that or I'm just dense :unsure:. Any Windows PC can be a MediaPortal client, but it's pretty rare to find one with a built in remote receiver of any kind these days, I don't believe the Intel NUCs do, but they should make good clients otherwise.

    Not sure what you're requirement is for controlling clients from another room, controlling a MediaPortal client when you can't see its display would be tricky. But I'm not au fait with WMC, so probably I'm misunderstanding something about your setup. Maybe you can expand on "manage my extenders"?


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    These work with any windows device (usb receiver) and you can either use the supplied remote or a logitech harmony.


    I use a NUC for one of my clients, it does have an in built IR, but I never activated it (installed drivers) as I had a spare one of the above, with a pre-programmed Logitech Harmony, so just stuck with what I knew!

    By the way, you will get much more functionality on your MediaPortal clients than you do on the 360 as extenders.. eg all file types supported without transcoding, auto refresh rate changing, better media management.

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