External Control Plugin III (PVR Scheduler): "No connection to MP" (1 Viewer)


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September 5, 2007
Hi everyone,

I'm using:

MP 110B SVN 23491
Single-Seat Setup
PVR Scheduler 181
Win7 x64 RTM

Everything working so far - however, the External Control Plugin III (ECP III) can't communicate with MP anymore.
If I create recordings with the EPG, they appear in the PVR Scheduler and wakeup from S4 work fine.

However, in PVR Scheduler if I go to "Settings" -> "MediaPortal" -> "Check MediaPortal Connection and get Configuraiton", it says:
"MediaPortal Check Failed. Please make sure that MediaPortal is running and the ECPPlugin is enabled. Your firewall mustn't block HTTP Channel 3334, which is used by the External Control Plugin III."

I even tried unblocking this port in windows firewall or even diabling Windows firewall at all - no luck.

In the MP configuration utility, the ECP III is enabled!
If I run the the connection check with TVE3, it says everything fine.

Any help appreciated.
I also posted in PVRScheduler-Forums, however, no reply yet...



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