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November 7, 2005
Hey guys,

I've been using Media-portal for quite a while now, but I've just recently gotten an external decoder. Where I previously just used my antenna-cable as the input (sound and video, obviously), I now have to use the s-video on my Hauppauge pvr-250 and the line-in on my pc.

* Why doesn't media-portal allow me to just map any external decoder channels (i.e. where I can use USB-UIRT to switch the external box's channels) to the antenna cabel input? For some reason it only allows s-video and the other inputs on my tv tuner card (everything EXCEPT teh antenna).

In my old configuration I used to have the antenna pass-through a VCR, into the HTPC and then to my TV. I could map an extra channel to my VCR play-back, so why can't I do the same for the external decoder, but also have the ability to tune the STB with the USB-UIRT??

The question above sort of came from the problem I have below...

* How do I sync my audio and video when I use the line-in of my pc? Timeshifting works, but only for video - line-in just goes on merrily playing even if I press "pause" on media portal. Can someone explain how/if you can do this?

* Sound comes into the HTPC, but I can't re-route it straight out of the s/pdif (i.e. a sort of pass-through)? I know it's only a stereo signal (or even mono, depending on the channel I'm watching), but isn't that possible?? Otherwise what if I want to watch a stereo-tv series and wanna use my Dolby Pro Logic 2 external decoding to push it to 5.1...when how the heck do I do this if I can't even pass-through the line-in to s/pdif?

Thanks a million in advance! :)


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May 25, 2007
Line in Mapping

I am also having the same problem - My TV card doesnt seem to provide audio via the Bus and doesnt have a output for a CD/AUX audio input on the MB... but it does have an output at the back (line out) so if I take it to the Line In on my sound card - this gives me sound now when watching TV- but because of the timeshifting it is out by 2 seconds. If I record TV - and replay it It has no sound....

Does anyone know how to map Media portal to use the Line In of the sound card as the Audio source for TV?

Any help will be appreciated....

Many thanks,

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