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  • July 1, 2007
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    I have upgraded my HTPC to W7 over Christmas to allow 3DBD playback (via TMT5). Ever since, I have issues loading media between my HTPC & its client machine -in my bedroom.

    Firstly, my network system is as follows:
    -main HTPC (W7) ethernet connected to gigabit switch
    -desktop (WXPSP3) ethernet connected to gigabit switch
    -gigabit switch ethernet connected to TP-Link 100mb router
    -bedroom client HTPC (WXPSP3) ethernet connected to port on router

    As stated in the title, when I attempt to load any media through Mediaportal it takes around 2 minutes to load. It also takes similar time to stop & return to previous area in MP. If I use external player option (Zoomplayer) it will take similar to load, but will stop video as it should (less than 1 second) & return.

    When I load media within MP's client HTPC, from desktop PC, it will operate as it should -both in playback & stop. When I load media (from client HPTC) using Zoomplayer via network folder from my main HTPC it will operate as it should in both playback & stop -so it is specific to MP.

    Before attempting media load, the router's lights operate properly (1), after attempt, the lights between the connected ports flash at high speed (about 5-10 times per second). This continues even after closing client machine's MP. Will revert to (1) only after rebooting main HTPC. Machines seem to operate properly regardless.

    I am guessing it is an issue -or config anomaly- with the main HTPC W7 OS but an unable to resolve & is driving me crazy, as it renders the bedroom machine virtually useless as a client HTPC for MP use. Have searched using various parameters & looked at hopeful threads, but to no success. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, as I've no idea how to proceed from here.

    Logs for both machines are attached. Thanks in advance.

    PS. mainHTPC is running 1.2.3 final
    client HTPC is running 1.3beta
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