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January 17, 2009
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Hi All.

I have been playing around with using centralised databses and everything is fine except artwork for moving pictures.
All other plugins are showing fan art and cover are fine but Moving pictures is only showing art for a few movies.

I have read that Mediaportal 2 will have proper support for this kind of setup but obviously that is some way off yet.
I have also read about Moving pictures supporting a centralised setup but I assume this is not a priority at the moment and again will be a long way off.

So, is this a limitation I will have to live with for now, or am I missing something?


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June 7, 2007
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If you are using any scraper that returns the IMDb ID you should be getting fan art for any relatively mainstream movies. If you're pulling you rmovie details from IMDb and your getting very little artwork something is probably wrong.


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January 17, 2009
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Hi fforde.

I have about 1200 films in moving pictures, I left it on overnight and checked this morning. All Artwork is now showing. Looks like I was being impatient.



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June 24, 2009
South Africa South Africa
Hi all, like Toga I have alot (1493 movies, 12000 CD's and 64 TV Series). This is how I have handled this between 5 local machines.

I run Windows Home Server which hosts the data for the other machines. I created 2 folders on the WHS in a shared folder called Mediaportal Sync\Thumbs and Mediaportal Sync\XFactor_Animations. I use the free version of SyncSE from

You can schedule the thumbs folders to sync as well as the fanart folders. I automate this once a day. In doing this I never worry about pics again and everything is as current as your schedules.

If you want you can even point the database path to the same location. Only draw back is having to remember what is watched and what is just marked as watched. I found this to be a non-issue but every-one to his own. I schedule the database to replace the other 4 once a week with the same program. You can shorten the interval if you choose.


Hope this helps.


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October 7, 2008
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Why have it sync to different locations when you can host the database on the server and have the clients access it at the same time? I have a share on my server called \\<server>\mediaportal$ and my Database, Logos, and Thumbs directories are hosted there. Then just modify the MediaPortalDirs.xml file to point to that path on all the clients. I've been using this for over a year and never had a problem.


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June 24, 2009
South Africa South Africa
Initially I found that if varies instances were open Mediaportal Client had problems reading to and from the same databases, also the pictuers seemed a little smoother.

I started doing this a long time ago and have just stuck with it. Since then I have upgraded almost everything except that I guess.

Although my solution, which I concede, is rather basic you need very little skill to sync all machines. I have been meening to get round to changing it and maybe now is the time.

Thanks for your post.


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  • December 17, 2006
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    I can definitely vouch that using a shared database works great if only one MediaPortal instance run at a time.
    The sync option might be the best if multiple instances are going to run at the same time. Guess it is best to test.

    Also see similar discussion.

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