Fanart scrapper not working for music


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October 1, 2012

Hi all,

I've got an issue with the fanart scrapper for the music database.
Somehow the scrapper isnt adding images to artists.

What I did:
Reset scrapper (no fix)
Deleted music database (no fix)
Deleted fanart database (no fix)
Deleted all music, did steps above, added new music (no fix)
re-installed fanart scrapper. (guess what: no fix :( )

What do I see:
Scrapper starts searching for fanart. Is doing something, progress bar does move and it does complete scrapping.
At the end of the scrapping I see white rows with the artist names mentioned but no image linked. I limited the fanart to 4 pictures for each artists. After starting the fanart scrapper I do see 4 rows for each artist but they are completely empty.

Whats wrong? Something with directory permissions? broken database somewhere else than the databases I deleted? Fanart scrapping sites offline?

Any suggestions to try to find a fix are appreciated! Thanks!


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October 1, 2012
Pff finally fixed!

If anyone has got the same issue, this was the fix for me:

Delete all databases,
Remove fanart handler/scrapper
Start mediaportal
Quit mediaportal
Check if new (empty) databases are generated.
Reinstall fanart handler/scrapper.
Open mediaportal config
Go to plugins, fanart handler.
Manually start scrapper for thumbs.
Scrapper starts, at my system error popped up. Click continue. List block turns into a red X but scrapper progress bar still continued.
Wait for progress bar is at 100%.
Exit fanart handler.
Exit mediaportal config. (using Ok/Save button)
Start mediaportal config again.
Go to plugins again.
Open fanart handler an check if list is generated.
Start scrapper for music fanart manually.
Let it finish, again error popups.
Redo same steps as for the tumbs.
Close fanart handler and mediaportal config.
Reopen, and restart scrapper manually: No error anymore!
Now the problem is gone and fanart handler does work just in the background of mediaportal when an update to the database occurs!

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