[solved] FanartHandler: Replace controls on a properties? (1 Viewer)

Replace controls on a properties?

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    @catavolt @wizard123 @sweborn @dlarge500 @ltfearme @powermarcel10 @Designers

    Replace controls:
    91919297 - Random/Random Latests Fanart 1 Showed
    91919298 - Random/Random Latests Fanart 2 Showed
    91919299 - Random/Random Latests Fanart Available
    91919291 - Selected Fanart 1 Showed
    91919292 - Selected Fanart 2 Showed
    91919293 - Selected Fanart Available
    91919295 - Playing Fanart 1 Showed
    91919296 - Playing Fanart 2 Showed
    91919294 - Playing Fanart Available
    on a properties like:
    Or is it not necessary?


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    If you want them i would add them in addition to the existing controls, your only really replicating what they already do minus the need for a control but having the controls are not an issue either. If you remove them you could create issues for a lot of no longer maintained skins.
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